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Anti-Aging Medicine is the newest field of medicine. Its scope is more than bioidentical hormone replacement, including correction of other deficiencies (vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids), prevention of memory loss associated with aging, nutrition, lipid disorders, bone health, stress disorders, and other factors in your lifestyle that can affect your overall health. Its emphasis is a more productive you, happier, healthier, and on top of your game (whether corporate finance or golf).


Check this website often, as this is a new endeavor and lots of information is still on the drawing board for incorporation. Feel free to contact us for more specific information and we’ll do our best to help.



Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can be used to treat the  conditions or symptoms that follow. 


Menopause: Most symptoms of menopause are well known to all, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, trouble sleeping, depression, and more. But often more subtle symptoms can be helped by BHRT, memory, losing one’s edge, facial wrinkles (especially that lipstick “bar code” on your upper lip), skin thinning, that aged look, and breast pain. BHRT does NOT increase the risk of breast or uterine cancer, unlike synthetic hormone replacements which have given “estrogen” a bad name. Estrogen and progesterone BOTH need to be given to establish nature’s balance, regardless of whether a person has had a hysterectomy. The effects of progesterone are not limited to the uterus. The effects of progesterone are so far reaching, including the brain and on mood stabilization, that the term “the feel good hormone” has been applied.


Perimenopause: The transition from little girl to young lady usually takes years of change and development. The same is true for the other end of the spectrum, perimenopause to menopause. Often the first symptoms of turning the corner into perimenopause is the number of days of the cycle; a change in the amount of bleeding; PMS symptoms (better or worse); insomnia; or, breast pain. These can all be symptoms of a decline in ovarian function. At this point, gynecologists have sometimes recommended birth control pills for regulation of the cycle (almost all are synthetic hormones potentially increasing the risk of breast and uterine cancer). A better option is BHRT. After checking your individual hormone levels through blood testing on different days of the month, BHRT can be prescribed individually for you to mimic your body’s natural cycling. Restoration of normal hormone levels will both regulate your menstrual cycle and relieve your other symptoms of perimenopause. Because other hormones, such as testosterone, cortisol and thyroid hormones, may be changing during this time, it is important to check full hormone panels, not just estrogen and progesterone. Most blood work can be done through your insurance.


Testosterone Deficiency for both men and women:

Women: Did you know that a deficiency in testosterone in women can lead to lack of libido, loss of self-confidence, and losing that competitive edge? A simple blood test (usually covered by your insurance) will tell you where your testosterone level is.


Men: Natural testosterone diminishes as one matures. In some men, this change is dramatic, usually in the 45-55 age group. A dramatic change is sometimes called the “Angry Man” syndrome, as symptoms can include a change in attitudes and moods, a loss of energy, a loss of sex drive, and a generally cranky person. Other more gradual changes can include weight gain, fatigue, lowered physical agility, reduction in bone mineral density (osteopenia or osteoporosis increasing the chances of a bone fracture), and losing one’s competitive edge. Therapy is guided by first assessing blood work to determine the amount of testosterone currently being produced, and then supplementing as required to bring to a more optimal level.


Adrenal Fatigue: Adrenal fatigue is a stress-induced condition. Typically after prolonged stress, the body begins to protect itself by shutting down the amount of cortisone that is produced by the adrenal gland. Pretty soon, there is not enough cortisone produced for your health. Because cortisone is needed by every organ and system in your body, the symptoms are far ranging and are often hard to pin down. These symptoms often include depression, fatigue, sleep disturbance, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and more.


Dr. Norton is Board Certified through the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine to be an expert in these syndromes and their treatment. The first step in feeling better is up to you. Call or click to get more information about the path to feeling like you again. BHRT may be your reset button to a younger you.


Dr. Norton’s Credentials:

  • Board Certified American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Board Certified American College of Surgeons
  • Columbia University Medical School, College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York NY. MD 1982
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA. BA 1978
  • Rutgers University School of Law, Newark NJ. JD 2006


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